Asia’s finest Dog Chews Manufacturers &Exporters

We offer Hygienic, Natural Dog Chews and Raw Hide Dog Chews. We have two units one of Natural Dog Chews & a second of Raw Hide Products.

Premium Quality Food For Your Pets

We also have two Slaughter Houses operational in
Unnao & Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Nauturally Good, Healty, and tempting dog food
Wet Pets Foods
Wet Pets Foods
Natural, preservative-free & easy to digest
High In Protein & Best In Taste
Non-toxic, lead-free, long-lasting dog toy
Get to know your dog choice
Provide the best care for your dog at every stage of life.
Keeping Your Pet Healthy
Keep track of your dog’s activity. Keep hydrated at all times.
Premium Quality for your pets

For all Breeds and sizes

Dog food for all breeds: Keep your furry friends healthy. Most popular dog food packs available in our store.

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"We, Agro Food Industries, introduce ourselves as one of Asia’s finest Dog Chews Manufacturers, Retail Packers & Exporters since 2001 from India. We offer Hygienic, Natural Dog Chews and Raw Hide Dog Chews. We have two units one of Natural Dog Chews & a second of Raw Hide Products."

Incredibly organic pet chews
Best quality of chews that keeps special care of their health
High product digestibility
Balanced nutrition with unique ingredient combination
Premium Dogs Chew Products

We endeavour to provide Dogs a balanced nutrition

Unique ingredient combination as well as high product digestibility and palatability, and all at a price that are affordable.

The packing is done under very stringent conditions which ensure the highest levels of hygiene.

We also have a Gamma Irradiation facility in Unnao which makes us the only Dog Chew manufacturer in India to possess its own irradiation facility.
We have made a major contribution to this fledging nascent industry in India by providing the necessary impetus to help it proliferate.
Provide best quality of chews that keeps special care of your pets health through balanced and nutritional diet.
Our production facilities are accredited with ISO 22000-2005, BRC standards and BSCI. . We are also members of the esteemed governing body called CAPEXIL.
Create a bit of a difference offering quality

High Quality & Prestigious Brands

Rated 4.9 of 5

5-Star Rated Products

Let’s take a look at the best category of dog chew food around today

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Outstanding controls in place, Impressive packing rooms, Very friendly operation. You have an excellent facility with a good standard of hygiene work. Thanks

Regular Buyer
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An enormous change in the plant since I first visited in February 2004. The good practices that existed at that time have been maintained and increased with the increase in activity.

Happy Customer
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Congratulate to your factory and your quality system. It will be a pleasure for us to co-operate with you and hope to be able to establish a long term business partnership. Thanks

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